Kuomintang Machine Gun Team

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Set II - Uncommon - 1/45

Historical Background:

Automatic weapons were rare in the Nationalist Army of WW2. The Czech ZB-26 light machine gun was the most common, but the Kuomintang also used a few MG34's and a local knock-off of the Maxim 1910 before help arrived from the western Allies. The AAM piece most likely shows the Type 24 that the Nationalists copied from the Russian weapon.


The Kuomintang Machine Gun is an average piece at a bargain price. It has the DOUBLE SHOT Special Ability common to all machine guns, only slightly low Attack Values (8/7/6) and a minor negative ability that is easily remedied. The unit's Anti-Vehicle values (2/2/2) even come into play against the light Japanese armor. Since it is the only useful Chinese piece that does not disappear quickly, the Kuomintang Machine Gun has a chance to stay around through the entire battle.

If the Chinese hope to win, they need two things: an Ammo Dump and plenty of machine guns. The appearance of the Ammo Dump in the Reserves set breathed new life into the Kuomintang Machine Gun. Previously, rolling three "1's" meant pretty much shutting down the automatic weapon for two turns. With the Ammo Dump's ability to reroll "1's," OVERHEAT becomes a rare occurrence. Thus, the successful Chinese player will load up on machine guns and often add in a few Bunkers for protection and Barbed Wire to channel the Japanese infantry. The machine guns can use long range fire to slow down the Nipponese hordes and postpone that awful moment when the HAND TO HAND attacks begin. The Chinese infantry can advance at the last moment to add pointblank fire to the effort.

It is not uncommon to see six to ten machine guns in an hundred point Chinese army. It's really the only unit in the player's toolbox that combines firepower and survivability.


With this unit, you can cheat the system though. In any build, i would reccomend using a lot of these and bring a ammo dump with you. With the ammo dump, the Overheat ability pretty much gets nullified, allowing you acces to cheap, and efficient MG soldiers.

Plastic Figure Notes:


The Chinese figures in AAM are all quite good which certainly makes one wish that they were more playable. This sculpt of a Chinese Type 24 heavy machine gun shows a great deal of personality. The gunner is very intent while the loader is grabbing his rifle as the Japanese move in for a hand to hand attack. The card art is also superior, showing the gun team concentrating on their work.

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