Le Terrible

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

War At Sea - Common - 4/64


A member of the six boat Le Fantasque class of very large and very fast destroyers, Le Terrible fought in the Vichy defense of North Africa from the Allies in the battles of Mers el Kebir and Dakar, but eventually transferred to the Allied side. After a re-fit in the United States, Le Terrible returned to the fight, serving in the Mediterranean for much of the rest of the war.


Le Terrible's real life speed is reflected in the High-Speed Run ability which has two prominent uses. Either use it turn 1 to make a break for an unguarded objective (though in a pure French build without fighter support this will not succeed against air-heavy enemies) or use it to close quickly with large enemies for torpedo attack. Le Terrible's torpedo armament is as high as that on any Allied ships, and so represents a danger to larger ships, don't be afraid to be aggressive, pushing as many of these ships as close to large enemies as possible. Finally, don't forget that even Le Terrible's small main guns can trigger Excellent Spotting for her larger French companions.

Le Terrible has several key elements: It's High-Speed Run ability, gunnery, and torpedoes. Use the High-Speed run in one of two key ways. You can use it to close on an unsuspecting opponent to use it's torpedo attacks at a closer range than expected. Use High-Speed Run to get on top of enemy subs to harass them and to perform ASW attacks. And of course their main gun attacks and trigger Excellent Spotting for other French ships in your fleet.

Plastic Figure Notes:


Horrific mini,one of the worst. Lots of flash, bendy and a dull paintjob. Can be improved by deflashing and painting the deck though.

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