M8 75mm Pack Howitzer

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

North Africa - Common - 28/60


reviewed by Lt_V

The M8 75mm pack Howitzer is a really nice piece as it has good anti infantry numbers with Enhanced Range 12 to give it a long reach. I like to pair it up with the Ranger to give it a very sturdy spotter so it may ignore line of sight and hit targets it would not be able to hit on its own. The anti-armour attack is good against transports and very lightly armoured tanks. It would be a low odds attack at a good tank like the Panzer IV.

Learningpuppy review
The pack howitzer is a favorite of mine when I use America. The enhanced range and good infantry attacks really help to slow down axis infantry. I've got 3 and when all lines up they do serious damage.

Plastic Figure Notes:

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