Martlet Mk II

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Flank Speed - Common - 9/40


The Martlet was the lend-leased version of the American F4F-4 Wildcat fighter. Featured folding wings, armor, self-sealing fuel tanks and six 50 cal. machine guns.

The first Martlets were originally built for France, but after the the nation's surrender to the Germans, the order was redirected to Great Britain.

These aircraft went to serve aboard British carriers, being the primary fighter of the FAA until lend-leased Hellcats and Corsairs arrived.


In War at Sea, the Martlet is a good fighter, with the Combat Air Patrol and Rugged SAs. With one point more than the Sea Hurricane, the Martlet is a stable fighter for British carrier builds.

Look up "cheap, dependable fighter" in the dictionary and you will be looking at a Martlet. The stats are not spectacular, but you have what you need: 7 AA, Escort, and CAP for a good price.

Plastic Figure Notes:

Repaint of the F4F Wildcat.

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