Messerschmitt Ace

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

North Africa - Rare - 34/60


This is one of the best german airplanes in the game. For 16 points you get a unit that can fight enemy aircraft very effectively and has some use against ground targets. With its 9/7 it can hit most infantry in the game fairly easily. Its anti-vehicle dice of 4/3 also give you the option of going after armored cars or very light tanks. It can also be used as early as 1939 and will dominate the air for early war games.

A very, very effective aircraft. Of Allied planes, only the Spitfire Ace can truly dominate it in a one on one fight thanks to Agility. Beyond that, you'll need to counter its high anti-infantry values and Ace power with luck or massed fire. Having one of these to fly around your ground forces can effectively neutralize the otherwise dangerous IL-10 Surmovik.

Plastic Figure Notes:

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