Messerschmitt Me 262

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Reserves - Rare - 26/45


An almost indistructable aircraft with 5/5 defense. I played this in a few games and my opponent was not able to destroy it. Even with AA units this unit is hard to bring down. I would recommend playing this on a map that has little cover as the limitations on attacks can render it useless.

In a bigger game, this can be useful for the AA. While the AI stats are pretty good, the jet ability means that it often won't be able to attack many infantry. However, this same ability also makes it deadlier against enemy air. Along with 5/5 armor (the highest of any aircraft I know of), this unit should dominate any air battles… As such, this should probably be fielded with the intention to use it, primarily, against enemy aircraft.

Plastic Figure Notes:

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