Messerschmitt Me110

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

North Africa - Rare - 35/60


Expensive for a ground attack aircraft, but its all the Krauts have. Nasty anti-infantry values and good anti-armor means that the Me 110 can do its job well and can easily take out artillery and enemy riflemen even at medium range. It call also surprise by killing some light armor as well. The main beef with this plane is the lack of Antiair. This makes the Me 110 can be killed just as easily as any other plane but it can't fight back effectively against enemy planes. Not a good combination. You'll have to watch your back a lot while playing this fighter and hope that you can mow down enough infantry and artillery pieces to recoup your 17 points before you get shot down.

Plastic Figure Notes:


Messerschmitt Me110 from the North Africa set with the Messerschmitt Me110 from the D-Day set (in background.)
Same mold but different paint.

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