Mg 42 Machine Gun Team

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Base Set - Uncommon - 29/48
39-45 - Uncommon - 42/60
North Africa - Uncommon - 21/60


The infamous MG-42 lives up to its reputation in AAM. This is a grunt-mauling beast that can effectively pin down enemy infantry even at long ranges and can also own open areas. With 10/8/7 infantry attack values, there aren't many soldier units that shouldn't be concerned about the Buzzsaw. And with Double Shot, you can handle a good volume of troops at one time. For most riflemen, rushing a MG-42 across open ground is suicide; you can use the 42 to redirect them and cut down the stragglers. A very effective unit and a good contributer to the German AAM army as well.

Plastic Figure Notes:

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