Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Flank Speed - Common - 2/40


As the French sought to modernize their navy between the World Wars, their destroyer design followed two separate, complimentary tracks. The larger sized destroyers, termed contre-torpilleur by the French, combined blazing speed and heavy gun armaments and culminated in the Le Fantasque and Mogador classes which could almost be termed small light cruisers. Milan (not to be confused with Le Malin another French destroyer), a member of the six-member Aigle class, falls in the middle of this design lineage. The Aigle class, each named for birds (Milan means Kite), had a mixed service history during the war. Three were scuttled at Toulon to prevent their capture by the Germans, while Milan and two sisters were stationed at Casablanca when that base was attacked by an Allied fleet in support of operation Torch. Milan was one of the first French units out of the harbor, her smoke screen covering other units in her wake. Though outnumbered, Milan led numerous charges towards the Allied landing beaches, turned back each time with damage from American cruisers, carrier aircraft and perhaps even a 16-inch round from the battleship Massachusetts. Too damaged to continue the fight, Milan was beached to prevent her sinking.


Though the French gained only two units in the Flank Speed set (Suffren is the other), Milan, at least, represents a solid upgrade. Compared to Le Terrible, Milan loses one torpedo die at range one, but makes up for this by having two nice SA's. The real-world Milan used both a smoke screen and her high speed to good effect in WWII, and the WAS piece reflects this. Lay Smoke Screen is perhaps the nicest destroyer SA in the game, and it works particularly well as the French have no initiative bonus. Milan's smoke also interacts well with her other SA, Chase. Use Chase to dash ahead of the battleline and pop smoke in front of the rest of your forces. Alternatively, Chase can function as a poor man's Sub Hunter, (provided a sub obliges by remaining between you and the nearest enemy ship), since it triggers at the end of the movement phase.

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