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Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation:
Suzuya reprint, but with a negative SA. Suzuya was and is such an excellent cruiser that it is hard to top. The negative SA shouldn’t trigger all that offen. Tough Cruiser is an excellent defensive SA that makes the Mogami hardier against enemy destroyers, but I still prefer Suzuya. Even if negative SAs have historical basis, they still don’t make for good gaming pieces. Powergaming Grade: D

It actually isn't that bad, even for 18 points… But considering the other options available to Japan (Haguro, Atago, Suzuya, etc.), this isn't likely to see much action… Should've been just a point or two cheaper.

the Mogami needs to be cheaper. its negative special ability leaves it in the dust. although it is very unlikely to occur when is it does it can destroy your operation overall I'm not a huge fan.

Plastic Figure Notes:

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