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The O class Battlecruisers were part of Nazi Germany's Plan Z. Had they been built, it is likely they would have been armed with six 380 mm guns in three dual turrets. Despite Hitler's official approval, the hulls of the class were never laid down to due scarce materials. The name Moltke is only speculated.


Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation
Cheaper than either the Scharnhorst or Gneisenau, but it also comes with one less hull point and weaker A/VA. The guns are respectable for a battlecruiser and it picks up the recently introduced torpedo protection SA, and a new SA “sprint” that gives it a 50% chance of having a 3 zone movement. I find both SAs rather chancy, and in general, there aren’t very many 30-40 point battlecruisers that I like. Still, Moltke offers the Germanys another choice at a different point range than they previously had, and players will certainly find fleets where it is useful. Powergaming Grade: C+

Somewhat similar to the HMS Repulse. I've tried to use it three times, but I just can't seem to have any luck with it…

At 34 points, it's the cheapest battleship in Germany's arsenal, and it has some decent offensive stats (Bismarck -1 at all ranges).

Crissie's Critiques
In a small battle, or in a supporting role to other battleships, this unit can be very successful, especially when paired with a Graf Zeppelin. Assuming you can provide some air cover with Graf Zeppelin's Bf-109's or some Fw-190a's to keep the bombers at bay, the guns of this ship (including secondaries) will be able hit hit well above the point range of this unit. Her main weaknesses are her armour which leaves some to be desired, and the chance required with her effects, especially when it comes to torpedo protection and. This coupled with only four hull points make this unit very weak to enemy torpedo planes and destroyer swarms. In summary this unit is a cheap battleship with some potent guns. CC Rating: B+

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