Motor Torpedo Boat

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

War at Sea - Common - 47/64



The MTB is one of the best units available to the Italians. Think of them as a small, cheap, fast destroyer. Even though they have low ASW value they can harass subs just by being local or adjacent to them. Since they are shallow draft they are immune to torpedo attacks. Therefore opponents must either send surface ships or aircraft to destroy them. The hope is your opponent will send fighters to strafe which makes the fighters vulnerable (i.e. better chance of killing F6F Hellcat).

Compared to the German S-Boat or the American PT Boat the MTB seems like the least cost-effective choice of torpedo boats, but it still has advantages over other similarly priced Italian units. Pegaso is a much better choice if you want a unit for escorting larger ships against enemy submarines or aircraft, but the role of the MTB is distinct enough to guarantee her a place. Though the Italian battleships aren't slouches, they don't have a battleship that can deal with the largest ships in other navies; torpedoes, therefore, are generally an essential with Italian fleets, with the vaunted Sparviero usually providing the muscle. With only the Ambra available as a submarine torpedo option and with weak torpedo ratings on most Italian destroyers, a swarm of MTB's (if you can't take four at least don't take any) is another great way to go. If you can, convince your opponent to play a night game on a map with enough islands to hide your MTB's. If not, take some fighter support so that your MTB's make it all the way to the enemy. Winning initiative is also helpful with an MTB fleet, so consider slipping Gorizia into your fleet as well.

MTB's are always underrated and the Italian MTB is no exception. They move speed 3, have an ASW value for harassing and attacking submarines. Never underestimate the ability of MTB's to harass subs just by being in proximity they can reduce subs to only 1 die. And since they are shallow draft they are immune to torpedo attacks themselves. Be prepared though for your opponent to bring aircraft to eliminate your MTB's so be sure to have fighters to protect them. Get them into island hexes and when/if you win initiative they can jump out and make torpedo attacks against enemy capital ships.

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