Ms 406 Matimaha

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Angels 20 - 21/31


The Ms.406 was a French fighter produced starting in 1938. It represents the most numerous French fighter in the early stages of WWII. Compared to its competitors, it was lacking in armor and firepower, though it was maneuverable. The Bf109 completely outperformed it and outclassed it during the Battle of France. The French lost nearly twice as many Ms.406 for every plane that they managed to shoot down. After the French surrendered, Germany captured a large number of Ms.406 and sold them off to the Finnish. Finnish air units managed to score 121 kills for 15 losses.


The Ms. 406 is among the worst planes represented in Angels20. Both versions suffer from the 2 armor, 2 hit bug that plagues the Japanese Zeke and Zero. This might be playable except for the fact that comparison with other planes around the two version of the plane reveals that they are both overcost. The Ms.406 appears to be slightly better than the I-15 Abu at 15 points, and perhaps equivalent in value to the 16 point Saetta Rookie. Instead, the Ms.406 comes in at a whooping 19 points. The Matimaha meanwhile hardly looks equivalent to the other planes in the set around thirty points, and perhaps 27-28 points would be a more reasonable cost for its abilities. But leaving aside issues of cost, the Ms.406 has a basic speed of 2-3 and a high speed of 4, which is typical for a lot of early war planes including the Bf109E. Dice values of 4-3-2 reflect the poor armament. While a 2-5-2 defensive line reflects the poor armor. The maneuvering line also reflects the same distinction we’ve seen elsewhere between poor and better pilots. The Matimaha has great ability in turning, while also climbing and rolling decently. Only the relatively inconsequential dive suffers a low score of three. These maneuvering abilities hardly seem to make up for the fact that the Ms.406 is a fragile and poorly armed plane.

The Matimaha packs three very excellent SAs. If you manage to fight the enemy while outnumbered, Long Odds offers a crucial initiative bonus. This makes the Matimaha an ideal unit for mixing with expensive German planes in open Axis, or Euro-Axis builds. Hard-won experience also helps the Matimaha when outnumbered, since the enemy can only attack it once per turn. Bait and Strike is the nice SA, but is difficult to use. It essentially allows you to use the Matimaha as a wingman for a friendly plane, gaining dice if the opponent dares to attack your lead plane. Two dice changes that weak gunnery score into something respectable.

Flight Builds and Tactics: Generally you want to avoid using both planes if at all possible. If you are willing to play with a cost house-rule, then consider throwing one plane into flights where you’re playing open Axis or open Allies without any nation or theater limitations. The Matimaha is perhaps justified when mixed with expensive German units, especially in larger point games where the Allies tend to outnumber the Germans, thus triggering the Matimaha’s Long Odds SA. Additionally, try to move the Matimaha later in your sequence so as to prevent the opponent from going after it quickly and thereby minimizing the armor and hit weakness. Additionally, by going later in the turn, you have more of a chance of positioning the Matimaha where it can use its Bait and Strike SA. The Matimaha is still over cost, but at least if you only bring one of them and you build well around it, those few points aren’t likely to mean as much in the larger scope of your game.

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