Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Task Force - Rare - 56/60


The Musashi was the sistership of the Yamato. Like her sister, she spent much of the war as the flagship of the Japanese fleet and out of the battles until 1944. Despite taking a torpedo from an American submarine early on, she joined with her sister for action. Her first and only action would be at the Battle of Leyte Gulf, where 17 bombs and 19 torpedoes from US carrier aircraft put her under.


Musashi is Yamato's younger sister. She is as big and as bad as her sister, but doesn't cost as much. She has much more anti-aircraft firepower, though compared to the Iowa/Missouri sisters of the US Navy, Musashi is not quite along that same par.

Musashi trades 4pts, flag 2 and some power off her secondaries for an extra AA5 shot. An extra AA7 or a single AA9 shot might have been useful but an extra AA5 isnt going to do much.
But if you dont need flag 2 or big secondaries you can get the same main guns, armour, hull and vital for a 4pt discount over yamato.

Aran55633 (After release of set VI, Surface Action)
Cheapest of the Yamato-class battleships, but with just as much armor, VA and main gunnery as the others, and she's cheaper than any of the Iowa-class battleships. If all you're looking for is something to counter any battleships your opponent fields, then Musashi may be your best option. She won't handle smaller craft quite as well as the original Yamato, or even the new one (though only very slightly weaker than the new Yamato, and she should still be able to meet your requirements), and won't be quite as capable as the new Yamato when it comes to defending herself from the air (but leaves enough points, between the cost of the new Yamato and herself, to purchase an A6M5 Zero), but she brings similar qualities against enemy surface vessels at a lower price than either of the two variants of her sister ship.

She is my favorite of the trio.

Plastic Figure Notes:

I really like this piece, her 18" guns are BIG, her secondaries rotate, her planes have red dots on the wings and i love the arrangement of the AA guns.

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