Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

War at Sea - Rare - 58/64



Myoko is an interesting ship. It is one of the highest point valued heavy cruisers. The SAs also leave something to be desired. The Night Fighter SA is alright, but it is the Long Lance that makes Myoko lethal. She does bring a Flag 1 to the scene as well, being a Cruiser division flagship. Overall, Myoko is a solid, if overpriced unit, that has its place.

There really is no place for Myoko. This was true after Nachi was released (if not before) but doubly true with the new starter. Haguro is better in almost all respects while checking in at SIX points cheaper.

I use Myoko in one place but when I do, I use her frequently: Night battles. In a night environment, she is actually worth the points you pay for her, and she performs well. Other than that, I agree with the above!

Plastic Figure Notes:

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