N1K1-J George

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Condition Zebra - Common - 39/40


The Kawanishi N1K originated as a float plane fighter capable of providing immediate air cover to forward island bases in a role similar to the A6M2's cousin the Rufe. Thankfully (for the Japanese) Kawanishi privately worked on a land-based version alongside the ordered float fighter. The result, once the bugs were worked out, was a fighter capable of standing up to US planes like the Hellcat and Corsair. As a result of a prolonged development and a deteriorating war time situation relatively few N1K1s were produced and even fewer of the improved N1K2 so, while powerful, the type did not have a great impact on the course of the war.



Well, if anyone wants to argue that there isn't a US bias, I give you (another) exhibit A. Just compare the Corsair and the George. For 1 point more, you get the same plane as the Corsair, but lose a nifty special ability (?!?). That being said, in a vacuum, the George is a great unit; very solid defensive stats, devastating AA, and all the expected special abilities for a top-shelf fighter. However, if all you need is fighters to escort units, I highly recommend taking 2 A6M2 Zeke's instead (sometimes two good planes is better than one epic beast). The Zekes can benefit from carrier bonuses and give you more flexibility. However, a George is still an excellent choice, especially if you don't plan on fielding a carrier.

With a 9 dice AA attack, Advanced Fighter, and a vital armor of 9 the George is by far the most powerful fighter currently in the IJN inventory and is roughly equal (if not slightly better) to the dreaded Hellcat. But, unlike the Hellcat, she's stuck at the land-base and can only ever hope to fly out every other turn. Then, of course, there's the controversial price difference between the Corsair and George. The Corsair costs 10 points and has the 'Rocket' SA while the George costs 11 points. Now, whether or not it is point for point balanced against the Corsair, the George is still the best fighter in the IJN inventory and, perhaps instead of yet another 10-12 point DD in a fleet, it might make some good sense to throw in one of these to provide some much needed air cover.

It most certainly is NOT better than the Hellcat. The Hellcat is cheaper and can base on a carrier, meaning that it can fly every turn and can benefit from carrier abilities. Flying twice as often to escort and attack, and benefitting from expert abilities, makes the Hellcat the superior fighter.

Now, I recommend either increasing the price of the Corsair by one or decreasing the price of this unit by one. Doing both or removing the rocket SA would be even more balanced. How it is that the Corsair was included in the same set and designed as a stronger AND cheaper fighter is beyond comprehension… I have to believe they accidentally switched the prices.

Plastic Figure Notes:

I know that some people don't feel that the various green Japanese fighters are difficult to tell apart… but I have that problem. Those that don't mind painting their minis might consider putting a little bit of yellow on the middle of the leading edges of the wings as a few N1Ks had this added splash of color.

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