Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Flank Speed - Rare - 39/40




Best. Below 50 pt. Battleship. Ever.

If you clip coupons, wait for sales, by demo-models, or order in bulk… then the Nagato is the ship for you. She is a Sam's Club answer to the Allies. Now, like a Sam's Club item, she's missing a few bells and whistles (say speed) that some other more pricey item's have, but you still get all you're looking for at a great price.

With Slow 1 being the only strike against her, the Nagato brings ER, good armor, decent AA, range 3 secondaries, Torp defense, mean guns, and a flag rating all for 48 points. She'll match up well with a Washington, North Carolina, or Massachusetts and costs less than any of them. If she's going against a cheaper Allied unit (like Tennessee or Hood) she's looking even better.

Before Nagato, Yamashiro was the best "middle battleship" available to the Japan and there's really not any thing Nagato can't do better. Be careful against any of the Iowa varients or Richelieu, and realize that the USN ships of higher cost don't have to worry about speed, and you'll do just fine.

No self-respecting Axis player doesn't have this unit. For being just 48 points, it has some very impressive stats. Powerful main gunnery (especially for the price), good secondary/tertiary gunnery, and solid armor, plus a flag of 2. She can just about match any battleship under 60 points, and can even engage Iowas, albeit carefully.

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