Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

V - Common - 35/39



Tokyo Express SA is worthless. Might be worth considering if you're building a long lance swarm and need to save some points here and there, since you can boost the range-3 torps on Nagatsuki instead of more expensive destroyers.

There's only one way to put it: this ship SUCKS. Go get a Matsu instead.

Matsu costs two points less with better guns, AA and ASW, though one less torpedo at ranges 0 and 1 and less armor (one armor as opposed to two, so who cares? It's getting hit anyway and has the same hull points)… Terutsuki costs the same with better guns, AA, ASW and VA… And the fact that you can only gain points from each of the actions once (ie you'll only get two points if there are islands on your opponent's side of the map and you get a Nagatsuki beside it), no matter how many you bring, makes it seem even less appealing…

This unit was certainly overpriced compared to the others. The torpedoes are still fine, but it doesn’t have a purpose if you have more Matsus or Terutsukis.

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