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Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation:
Jintsu reprint finally. Cost corrected to 15, plus Flotilla leader, plus Evade Bombs. Gets Flotilla leader to our newer players, and to all players at an earlier date. Jintsu was already in my obsolete box thanks to its overcost from set I. I’m very very very thankful and happy to have Naka in this set, especially after seeing the card. Powergaming Grade: A

Long Lance builds are normally going to have plenty of destroyers… If you're making a Long Lance fleet, Flotilla Leader is going to be very useful; winning initiative makes it easier to get closer, which is obviously a necessity. Yahagi is the better choice because it has a flag of one (you may not have any other ship with a flag that you actually want to bring, and winning initiative is quite helpful) and is cheaper, but this is a solid choice. Don't make a LLT fleet without one of them.

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