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Set - Rarity - Number

War At Sea - Uncommon - 39/64


The Nordmark was a Dithmarschen class naval supply ship, commissioned in 1939. The ship carried fuel, ammunition, and stores for the warships of the Kriegsmarine. During 1940-1941, it supported the Panzerschiff Admiral Scheer in the Indian Ocean.

It survived World War II, to be scrapped in 1955.



Someone, somewhere, will tell you that some other auxiliary is the best in the game… that someone is wrong. The Nordmark is the Mercedes-Benz of auxiliary units. While slow 2 (still making it faster than all but one auxiliary), it can take some damage (4 hull!), fight off destroyers, fend off light air attacks, and is the only unit that can repair other vessels. Believe me, when you get your Extended Range 5 back for your Tirpitz, you'll start putting the 5 point Nordmark into every Kriegsmarine build you make.

Lobukia has it right, this is the best auxillary in the game. For 5 points, it's everything you can ask for and more. 5/5/4/3 gunnery is nice, especially the range 3 attack value, and it allows Nordmark to go toe-to-toe with a destroyer. The AA is also decent. What is really shocking about Nordmark is the 4 hull points. Most ships around that point range have half that. In fact, it can even take a torp without being crippled; something no other destroyer/auxillary can brag about. So with a dirt-cheap cost, good guns, and a crapload of hull points, Nordmark is awesome. "But THAT's not all!" as Billy Mays would've put it. You also get Repair, which allows this little beast to heal all your other ships! Use it to keep Admiral Scheer going, your Tirpitz's ER 5 intact, or your Graf Zeppelin afloat. Nordmark belongs in every single German build that can afford her (and for 5 points, that's about all of them).

It should be noted that the repair function isn't the "be-all" that it's being explained to be. Her card states clearly that she may only make one repair attempt per game. So, if you are going to use that ability it should done wisely as not to waste the SA.

And I would like to add, that using the repair function prevents movement and shooting for both Nordmark and the other ship. In my opinion this is a major drawback as you are sitting duck for this turn.

Big Red One
A handy way to avoid the "sitting duck syndrome" that will affect you during repairs is to station the Nordmark behind an island or bring along a T27 or two to lay smoke and hide them from your opponent's ships. After that, just treat Nordmark like a high-hull point destroyer escort.

Seems to be most useful for using with a carrier (Graf Zeppelin or Aquila, obviously). Its repair ability won't affect the carrier, as it shouldn't really be moving or attacking too much. After using its repair ability, it can serve as a decent destroyer-killing unit, but anything with an attack of 10 or more is going to vital it.

Plastic Figure Notes:


Very nice sculpt, a great deal of detail can be found on the bridge. However, like early Set 1 ships, it may curl up a bit in spots.

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