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Condition Zebra - Uncommon - 26/40


The Nürnberg was the most modern of the light German cruisers. She was laid down in 1933 and entered service in 1935. The first action the Nürnberg saw was in the Spanish civil war as part of Legion Kondor. She was damaged by the British sub HMS Salmon soon after the onset of WWII while conducting mining operations in the North Sea. This put her out of action for the operation Weserübung. Throughout the war she served pretty uneventfully in German and Norwegian waters and continued mining operations in the Skagerrak.

She survived the war to be handed over to the Soviets, serving as flagship of the 8th fleet under the name Admiral Makarow.

She was scrapped in 1961.


Tych has an opinion:

The Nürnberg is a cheap light cruiser, and not a bad one. At the same cost she offers slightly better Torpedoes, vital armor and anti air compared to the Köln and Karlsruhe. The big difference lies in the SA. Kölns "Lead the Attack" and Karlsruhes "Flotillia Leader" justify these ships a place in a German build. Nürnberg carries "Mines". This certainly is an interesting SA, mining a sector can deter an opponent's move. However, in an pure objective game it is not really an useful SA. To lay mines the Nürnberg needs to be in place - which will bring her into the range of the enemies guns, and with 3/9/3 this cruiser is not built to last. The "Tough Cruiser" SA helps a little bit, but some big guns on the horizon will cause doom the ship named after these little German sausages.

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