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Flank Speed - Uncommon - 37/40



The essence of IJN cruisers is the Long Lance Torpedo (LLT). Few units exhibit the lethality of this weapon better than the Oi. Even though, in reality, she was a modernized dinosaur, in this game she is (rightfully so) the most feared torpedo combatant you can field.

Few SAs better enhance the strong qualities of their unit better than Torpedo Run. Any of the IJN destroyers will work well to compliment this. I highly recommend Isokaze or Shigure. However, don't go rushing in to use this without careful consideration or planning. A range 3 to range 2 move is far more dangerous to your opponent than a range 4 to range 3 (and in a perfect world, a range 1 to range 0 is ideal).

While a fish flinging killing machine, the Oi has some serious gaps to cover (as a cruiser its age should):
1) Lack of real air defense: A World War 1 postal plane could make an attack run on this poor old hag
2) Fragile Armor: A weak armor and low vital means that if you cash your torpedo run in against a battleship or strong cruiser, it most likely will destroy the Oi in vengeance.
3) No real guns: While Myoko, Nachi, and other torpedo endowed cruisers can slug it out with their guns too, the Oi is a one-hit wonder. She's torpedoes, all or nothing (hope you can roll some sixes).

Not only is the Oi a well priced, but very specialized, cruiser, but just the threat of her LLTs can really get into your opponents head. If you're really lucky the other guy can be pushed around the board with your mean ole cruiser. However, don't be too upset if a USN player throws tons of hardware at this ship in an attempt to take it out early. That's okay, in fact, it may be a fun thing to plan around. If an attack run or main gun attack that should have been used on a carrier or battleship is instead put into a 17pt cruiser, great!!! Gladly give away units that distract the big guns from legitimate targets, just make sure your big guns are in place to take advantage of these predictable errors.

Writing after the new starter has been released, the Oi is looking somewhat the worse for wear. For one more point, Haguro has nearly the same torpedoes (-1 at ranges 0 and 2). And it lacks Torpedo Run. But look what you get in return: death-dealing main gunnery, secondary guns, +1 Armor, +2 VA, +3 AA. The Haguro's survivability makes it almost always the better choice.

It has some impressive torpedoes, but those same torpedoes also make it a target. As it can't really defend itself, and is such a threat if it does fire its torpedoes, your opponent's likely to try and take it out before it can do any damage…

This is a rather risky unit to bring. If it can close to range 2 or closer with an enemy battleship, it may be worth it, and with torpedo run, that isn't entirely difficult… Still, at one point more, Haguro is almost always the better deal, but with a little bit of luck, this isn't a bad unit.

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