Oktyabrskaya Revolutsia

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Flank Speed - Rare - 21/40


Originally laid down June 1909 as Gangut, Oktyabrskaya Revolutsia was completed in 1914. Armed with 12 - 12" rifles (4x3), 8 - 4.7" secondaries (8x1), and 12 - 3" DP guns (6x1 + 3x2) during WWII, she had a thin 9" armor belt like a Battlecruiser and the 23knot speed of a battleship.

Gangut (Russian: Гангут) was both the lead ship of the Gangut-class dreadnoughts of the Imperial Russian Navy built before World War I and the last of her class to be completed. She was named after the Russian victory over the Swedish Navy in the Battle of Gangut in 1714. She was completed during the winter of 1914–15, but was not ready for combat until mid-1915. Her role was to defend the mouth of the Gulf of Finland against the Germans, who never tried to enter, so she spent her time training and providing cover for minelaying operations. Her crew joined the general mutiny of the Baltic Fleet after the February Revolution and joined the Bolsheviks in 1918. She was laid up in 1918 for lack of manpower and not recommissioned until 1925, by which time she had been renamed Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya (Russian: Октябрьская революция: October Revolution).

She was reconstructed between 1931 and 1934 with new boilers, fire-control systems and greatly enlarged superstructures. During the Winter War she bombarded Finnish coastal artillery positions one time. Her anti-aircraft armament was greatly reinforced in early 1941, just before Operation Barbarossa. She provided gunfire support against the Germans during the Siege of Leningrad despite being bombed three times and under repair for a year. Retained on active duty after the war she became a training ship in 1954 before being struck off the Navy List in 1956 and slowly scrapped.


Octybraskaya Revolutsia's impact on the game has been debated tirelessly. On the poll I posted in the Forumini the consensus between being useful and indifferent was 50/50. Many of the forumini users feel that her 24pt cost combined with Slow 2, Unmask Guns, and a lack of Torpedo Defense limits her usefulness in game play.

This unit should only be taken if A)you can't spare 4 points for Alaska, B)shore installations come out, C)You can bully around your opponent with this slugger.
Anyway, this unit can destroy any cruiser and escape unscathed, and are more cost effective at maiming them.

Plastic Figure Notes:

The plastic figure of Octybraskaya Revolutsia is considered ugly, but the ship itself was not graceful or aesthetic. The turning amidships turrets were an unexpected feature.

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