ORP Blyskawica

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

V - Common - 4/39



Blyskawica is a great addition to the destroyer force that a Commonwealth build can call upon. Her base stats may be essentially normal for a large destroyer, but her SA's, and especially Anti-Air Specialist, make her a bargain for 8 points. 6 AA dice are the most for any destroyer in the game, and two attacks with that many dice have a solid chance of aborting most Axis aircraft. She won't shoot down many aircraft, perhaps, but will be no free kill for strafing fighters or a cheap dive-bomber. When she gets in close, Rapid Fire and a decent torpedo armament make Blyscawica useful enough in a surface fight too, but with a lower-than-average ASW armament you should be content that Blyskawica harasses nearby subs rather than wasting a turn on attacking them.

Packing Blyskawica with other destroyers, like Saumarez for her torpedoes and Arunta with Close Escort, may make for a decent destroyer swarm. Augment such a force with either smoke (perhaps from Javelin), or an initiative bonus (perhaps from Jamaica). Such a force isn't nearly as potent as a Japanese destroyer swarm, but can serve as an interesting change of pace, or augment a big battleship as part of a larger force.

The most underrated Commonwealth destroyer in the game Blysk is perfect for fending off enemy aircraft. While at first glance 2 6's may not seem like much but when your up against Ju88's Ju 87's, kondors, sparvs etc its really all you need.

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