Orp Orzel

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

V - Common - 5/39



A decent unit, though out shined by other allied submarines. It has elusive quarry to defeat the subhunter SA, no negative SAs, and a decent armament of torps to hit the enemy with. However, this unit is often cast aside for the HMS Truculent which for the same price, gives so much more. This unit generally sees action in year specific battles (1939, the earliest in War at Sea) or by the diehard nationalist player wanting to run an entire polish navy.

Plastic Figure Notes:

It's a sub piece, so don't expect much. However, the strip of color running down its middle allows you notice it amongst the other subs.

It's actually rather good, and actually looks like a sub compare to the horrific Truculent and Barb moulds. Once repainted, she looks great.


Orzel is a good sub, but along with Hr Ms Zvaardvisch, it has been eclipsed by HMS Truculent. Orzel swaps Run Silent for Elusive Quarry and has mostly the same stats as Truculent. The disadvantage of Orzel to Truculent, though, is that Truculent has stronger torps at ranges 0 and 1. As such, Orzel should really be one point cheaper.

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