P 51d Mustang

Unit Card:


USA, Aircraft, 1944

ATT inf 9/7/-
ATT veh 3/2/-
Cost 17 points
Def 4/4
Speed A

Aircraft are placed during the flight phase and attack during the airstrike phase. Units attacking Aircraft use their anti-Soldier attacks and get –1 on each attack die.

This unit ignores the -1 penalty on each attack die when attacking Aircraft. If an enemy Aircraft is placed in a hex adjacent to this unit, this unit may make a defensive-fire attack against it.

Rockets 8
Once per game, instead of rolling this unit’s attack against an enemy Soldier or Vehicle within four hexes, you can declare you are using rockets. If you do, roll eight attack dice against that unit.

Set - Rarity - Number

Contested Skies - Rare - 24/45
39-45 - Rare - 35/60


Plastic Figure Notes:

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