Panzer II Ausf C

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Base Set - Rare - 31/48

Historical Background:

They were the main production variants. The Ausf A benefited from all previous improvements, with upgraded in armor, now 14,5 mm on the sides and hull front, and minor additional improvements in transmission. This version was produced from july to december 1937. The Ausf B which succeded was almost unchanged but in minor aspects. They were visually identical and all parts were interchangeable. The Ausf C then came in june 1938, superseding the Ausf B. Production rate was overall increased by more contrators, namely Alkett, FAMO, MAN, Daimler-Benz, MIAG, Wegmann, and Henschel. The early production were visually distinguished from the later by their rounded front hull. The later were up-armored significantly, notably with extra plates bolted to the frontal glacis and turret. The last produced, during the war, even received additional, moderately sloped side armor plating. They also received the new KwK-38 gun. The Ausf C was the main variant used throughout the war, produced until mid 1941. During 1939-40, it was also the most largely available tank for the Panzertruppen.

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