Pby Black Cat

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Set V - Uncommon - 10/39



A decent Patrol bomber. It loses shadow from its set I incarnation, which is a major blow to it. This unit is best used in night games to find units and to harass submarines. It's SA "Disappear into the Night" proves useful should a fighter group or enemy AA hit the fragile unit.

At 6 points, it's cheap, and it will be pretty useful for night games. Being able to move every turn helps, but its armor is so weak that it should only ever be used against subs or destroyers with VERY weak AA…

Plastic Figure Notes:

A re-sculpt of the venerable PBY Catalina from the first set. Many newer players use it as a proxy for the hard to find PBY Catalina.

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