PBY Catalina

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

War At Sea - Uncommon - 16/64



For being historically not the most effective aircraft, it filled a huge niche for the US Navy (and Royal Navy). It is poorly protected, so make sure you don't place it near any dogfight. But it is a lethal aircraft against submarines and surface targets alike. Loiter is an awesome special ability that gives the Cat endurance to stay in the fight. Shadowing gives additional firepower to any aircraft attack. The alternate payload is useful, but again, don't bring the Catalina into the fight, but always bring it to battle.

The Catalina will scare no one with its armor or firepower, but it is still a very good piece. Shadowing allows it to stay out of the fight and still make its presence felt by giving out extra Bomb and Torp dice to your more capable planes. Loiter is a very good SA that lets the Catalina operate almost like a carrier plane as it can deploy every round to use shadowing, providing non-stop bonuses for your aircraft. 3 ASW die are OK, but the harassment penalty that you can deliver almost anywhere is what really counts. The biggest problem here is the armor, or egregious lack thereof. With only armor 3 and a terrible vital of 5, it can be easily shot down by any Japanese airplane; so keep it Escorted whenever you expect an air attack coming your way. As RaySpruance put it, don't bring the Catalina into the fight, but always bring it to battle.

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