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Flank Speed - Common - 31/40


Also referred to as the ORSA class, the 4 boats built were the Orsa, Pegaso, Procione and Orione. A much better unit in game than in history, this was one of many classes of "Torpedo Boats" and destroyers that were intended to be smaller than the 600ton limit of the Washinton Naval Treaty. Most of these designs ended up missing that mark; they were too big to be small, and too small to be effective.


Is the Pegaso better than the Sackville? The Pegaso costs 1 more point than the Sackville, but has one more ASW, vital armor, main guns and AA. And 2-1-1 torpedoes to Sackville’s zero torpedoes. Guard the Convoy SA is Sackville’s shining star, while the Pegaso’s Killer Instinct gives it +1 ASW after damaging/destroying a submarine. This probably won’t happen much though, but it will be fun if it does. Conclusion? Pegaso rules for ASW value.

For only 6 points, you get torps, 5 ASW, and Sub Hunter, and that's about all you can ask for. The main guns are useless unless you are shooting an auxiliary or taking a potshot at a destroyer and the anti-air is pathetic, but that's not Pegaso's role. If you can jump a sub from three spaces out and hit it, then you've pretty much covered your cost with this ship. Just don't expect it to live long after that: with one armor and two hull points, even a destroyer can easily work you over. Nevertheless, I recommend bringing in a Pegaso into as many of your Italian builds as possible as a cheap way to harass subs.

Class limit of 4 is the only draw back for this ASW specialist DD, while the 1 armor is a problem, it is unlikely that 2 armor will keep strafing fighters away, and anything stronger than a strafe or a DD attack will get a vital hit and sink this tiny boat in 1 shot. I have seem USN players forced to commit Helldivers to the destruction of the Pegaso - which is a bit of over kill, but helps to keep the RM cruisers alive for another round.

Pegaso is much like the Sam B. Roberts (in role, cost and performance), without the potential for a slow roll. Post surrender Italy allied builds should consider turning these ships against U-Boats. If playing Euro-Axis, Pegaso requires investment in Interceptors or Lots of Pegaso's, preferably both, to ensure it lives to do its job.

6 points with good ASW and decent torps. Best be taking a few of these.

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