Polish Mauser Kar

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Reserves - Common - 6/45

Historical Background

The Polish military was a conscript force with a highly professional core, during the 1939 September campaign Poland fielded one milion troops.

The Polish infantryman was the opposite of his French ally, highly motivated he would refuse to back down even against overwhelming odds, commanded by professional and skilled junior officers, he did not enjoy the heavy artillery, armor and air support of his Western compatriots but made up for it by raw skill, determination and some of the most advanced infantry weapons in the world making him by far the most lethal opponent the Wehrmacht soldier faced during the entire length of the World War 2.


This unit is basically a Polish variant of the german mauser. Like most of the nations basic infantry, they are pretty decent in attacks as well as point cost. the close assault 6 also allows these units to have a good chance to disrupt/damage defense 4 and less tanks (Pnzr 4, Panther, Sherman, all using rear armor) An all around good unit, decent in attack as well as defense.

Plastic Figure Notes:


The miniature is …

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