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A Loire-Simonot type submarine, similar to the earlier Katsonis class, Y-3 Proteus was the first Greek submarine to be lost in World War 2. It was built in Nantes, at the At. and Ch. De La Loire, at a cost of 119,000 francs for the Greeks. Having sunk early, Proteus was the only submarine of her class that didn't serve under the control of the Royal Navy during the war. The fact that it didn’t achieve much, makes it a curious choice of submarine for War at Sea.

19 Dec. 1940 - Proteus locates Italian convoy. Torpedoes and sinks Italian cargo ship "Sardegna" (11,452 GRT). Very quickly, Proteus is spotted by the Italian torpedoboat Antares. Antares drops 11 depth charges on Proteus, forces it to surface and rams it 40 miles East of Brin-disi (40º31'N, 19º02'E). All hands lost.

10 Jan. 1941 - At 09:25, the Italian radio an-nounces that a Greek submarine was sunk three weeks ago. On 19 Dec. 1940 Greek steamboat "Ionia" had intercepted the SSS distess signal of "Sardegna". As a result the Greeks were aware of the success of Proteus, but not of its fate until the Italian radio announcement.



Proteus is a decent sub at 8 points. Used in a combined Greek force with the Giorgios Averoff/Vasilissa Olga abilities you can really make a dent in your opponents surface fleet. Once the Olga's get up to support the Proteus and the Averoff's SA kicks in, use the Proteus' Risky Attack SA to boost your torpedoes. In a combined force (see Giorgios Averoff) you can really put the hurt on your opponent with the sheer amount of torps you are sending at them.

I am not sure if all of the above review is legal. "Inspiring Example" on the Giorgios Averoff says that it boosts ships, and per the rules submarines are not ships.

The cost of this unit makes it wonderful for a sub swarm.

Tincancaptain: (after Condtion Zebra)
Well it's better than Casabianca, but not by much. Risky Attack is… interesting. 7.5/10

Herky80: (after Condtion Zebra)
Compare it to the Ambra and it looks good to me. Of course now Italy has Leonardo Da Vinci, but still it will be a great sub to use against Italy.

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