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Condition Zebra - Rare - 5/40


The Provence was a Bretagne class battleship. It was armed with five 340mm guns in dual turrets. Its namesake is the French region of Provence.

It's main action in WWII was one of tragedy, first being damaged in the skirmish at Mers-el-Kébir, finally ending with her being beached to prevent sinking. Her sister, the Bretagne, was not so lucky, as she met an explosive end under British shells, most coming from HMS Hood.

Afterwards, Provence was scuttled at Toulon by her own men to prevent capture. However, the Germans raised the ship and used the turrets as shore batteries. These batteries would later fire at her last surviving sister, the Lorraine, one of the Allied vessels covering the landings.

The ship was again scuttled by the Germans in 1944 as a blockship and finally scrapped in 1949.


The French have long had one of the best 4 hull units in the game, the Dunkerque. There has been some debate as to the merits of similar units, but now a new entry gives the French, arguably, the two best 4 hull units in the game. Given the similarities in cost, I feel that the Provence and the Dunkerque have to be viewed in each other's light.

Dunkerque has better anti-air, faster speed, torpedo defense. However, Provence had better guns, more guns, and a better vital. Therefore, it comes down to which role you would like your 4 hull BB to play. If you are looking to engage enemy cruisers at long range (say, German cruisers) and/or have a legitimate worry of taking torpedo hits… take Dunkerque. If instead you need to gun duel with multiple lighter units and have no need for objective grabbing speed or torpedo proofing (say, fighting an Italian fleet without SM-79s go with the Provence.

Provence is a solid Hull 4 BB. With ER 4, good Mains, Secondaries, decent Terts and AA 7 she can hold her own. But don't count on her being able to run out and take an objective or be in a specific spot at a specific time as Slow 3 may interfere. Put Milans out in front, use the ER 4 gunnery then pop smoke to avoid retaliation. Use Secondaries and Terts against MTB's, DD's, and the occasional cruiser. Pair her with Bearn and you have additional gunnery, AA, air cover, and a torp at close range. They make a great pair if not being used to grab an objective.

Tincancaptain: (after Condtion Zebra)
Why anyone would take this over a Dunkerque is a mystery to me. One point more and you gain a (very) slightly better Main Gunnery, better secondaries, a tertiary attack, and Shore Support, but lose TD, Excellent Spotting, a die of AA, and get saddled with Slow 3, and it costs 1 point more. Only if someone really wanted to build a French BB fleet and had classed out the other two can I see this ship being reasonably included in a build. 3.5/10

Plastic Figure Notes:

One of, if not the, worst sculpts in the game.

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