Rcaf Lockheed Hudson Mk Iii

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Infamy - N/A- 3/72



This was a unit quite a few people were excited to see. And over all, it was not a good plane. The Card is pretty much exactly right for how the plane was used in WW II. Game wise, it is nothing too special. If you want some extra sub killing power this plane is ok. Light Defensive Armament is nice as this unit becomes a 5 armor unit, but it still stays at the vulnerable Vital Armor 6. Also Lone ASW Hunter cannot activate when it has an escort, and forces the plane to make only one attack if you want to use it. 4 dice on 3-4 armor is not the best. This relegates this unit to nation pure, historical, or "because I can" builds. Not a bad plane, but your money would be better spent in a PBY or something of that nature. C

Plastic Figure Notes:

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