Re 2001 CB

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Flank Speed - Common - 32/40


The Re 2001 CB was a highly successful fighter-bomber, destined to be based on the Italian carrier being built, Aquila.



This unit is a force multiplier for the RM forces. The Re 2001 CB fills two needed roles, carrier fighter, and carrier dive bomber. While she can't escort and lacks enough dice to threaten larger Battleships, she's a tough AA fighter that if you're using Aquila and are savvy enough to keep your carrier within range 2 of your main attack force can provide incredible flexibility and target denial to your opponents.

An armor of 5 and a vital of 8 makes this an average dive bombing unit. Pick easy targets early and get rid of them… if you can clear some destroyers for your Ambras or eliminate some cruiser competition for a Zara, you'll do much better than taking long shot runs against BBs. Use this unit against easy wins and then if you want to take risky targets on later, you'll find that your Italian air units will do much better.

The Re 2001 is a true dual-role plane; having just enough AA to be a good fighter and just enough Bombs to be a decent dive bomber. Put two of these on the Aquila and now you've got some options; you can field two bombers, fighters, or one of each every round, use CAP to move them around, and keep your opponent guessing what the Re 2001 will be attacking next. Now keep in mind that it's not the best at either of its roles; it has average AA and no Escort as a fighter and no Press The Attack as a bomber, so it won't be working wonders. Just play it safe; take out destroyers and only go after lightly-defended attack planes and it will greatly help your Italians out.

This is yet another one those Italian units that is great at getting rid of units outside of its own class, a classic Italian strategy. While It won't be dominating the skies, the Re 2001 CB will keep bombers off your ships and blast enemy destroyers and light cruisers. Combine it with some Folgores, Sparvieros, and a light battleship (And the Aquila, of course) and you have a working fleet.

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