Rheinubung Bismarck

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Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation:
This ship now costs the same as the Tirpitz, but retains its original stats from set I. The highlight is the “Breakout” ability which allows a player to keep it and a cruiser off of the map until turn 2 or 3, at which point you can deploy them anywhere on the map. This is extremely useful if you face an air build and need to shield these ships from powerful air attacks, perhaps in a 100 point game where a bank-rank carrier fleet relies on destroying the opponent before they can hit the objectives. More importantly, the deployment takes place on the respective turns after the air return phase, so they are available for movement on the following rounds. This also opens the possibility to hold back the Bismarck and an accompanying cruiser so that they can be deployed advantageously depending upon how the first 2 to 3 turns of movement have played out. You could end up contesting an objective that was otherwise going to fall, or added 2 ships to a particular area of the map where you’ll now overpower some of your opponent’s best units. That’s an awful lot of strategic value for simply 2 points. You can relegate your old Bismarck to the obsolete bin, and the new Bismarck is useful in situations where the Tirpitz won’t be. Powergaming Grade: A+

Interesting ability. But it lets you deploy them anywhere on YOUR side of the map, not anywhere on the map, as Vergilius suggests is the case… Therefore, the only use I see to this is placing the Bismarck and a cruiser close to the front after two turns of combat, so that they can avoid attack from your enemy's planes and be available for combat immediately, closer to enemy carriers. Nothing else was changed (and I'm being serious, literally nothing else)… There's certainly some value there, and it will have its uses, but I'll tell you, for the same price, I can't really think of many scenarios where I'd choose this over Tirpitz (higher flag rating, AA9 vs AA8, ER 5 vs ER4, and main guns are stronger at range 3 (meaning, of course, at range 4, as well)).

Crissie's Critiques
The Rheinubung Bismarck is a great upgrade to the Bismarck. Though still not as strong as the Tirpitz, the Secret Breakout ability gives a reason to take this unit instead of Tirpitz. The ability of hide your ships for two rounds is very useful especially if you are dealing with a USN air build. CC Rating: B

Plastic Figure Notes:

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