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Set - Rarity - Number

War At Sea - Rare - 5/64


The most powerful warship in the French navy of WWII, the Richelieu was not quite completed at the outbreak of the war. Unique for her main battery arrangement (two quad turrets, both forward), her design nevertheless compared favorably with contemporary foreign ships. Under Vichy control, Richelieu took a torpedo from a British Swordfish, but was repaired in time to fight off another British attack at the Battle of Dakar where she received two 15 in hits which caused little damage. After repair in New York, Richelieu served on the Allied side in both Europe and the Far East. One sister was nearing completion and served in the war (see Jean Bart from Task Force), a third was started and a fourth planned.


Richelieu is the most powerful French unit, and perhaps the best Allied battleship for her cost. On defense, Richelieu has the standard five hull points of large battleships, and an excellent armor value of nine. On offense, though her main gunnery scores are average, they can be boosted with Excellent Spotting, and can reach out and touch the enemy at range five. This, along with useful secondaries and tertiaries (for picking off smaller units), combines to make Richelieu a balanced and dangerous ship. Consider using your smaller batteries to provide Excellent Spotting for other French warships, and have Richelieu's companions return the favor for best effect.

Richelieu is easily everything you want in a battleship of it's point range. She is by far one of the best multitaskers in game. Multitasking is everything. First off she has the "Excellent Spotting" SA, which makes her already decent gunnery ratings even nicer. Second, a Primary, secondary, and tertiary attack. Third armor 9 and VA 15 means she is well protected even against Battleships well above her point cost. TD1, and AA 7 only makes her better. Extended Range 5 is never anything to scoff at, allowing her to strip away most opposing Battleships attack without retaliation. To top it all off, she can be fielded by both the Axis and Allies. Use her when you don't have the points for anything heavier, she is one of the few pieces that can stand one on one to the heavy BB's without getting decimated. Her only draw back is a Low class limit. There are few ships as versatile as Richelieu, if you play smart and provide her with Air Cover, bad luck is about all that will defeat her.

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