Ro 50

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

V - Common - 36/39



She's cheaper than the other Japanese subs, but she's also much more fragile. Her run silent is pretty good, so you can either keep her closer or keep her at range 3 to harass the enemy.

The above statement is both right and wrong. She has less VA, but really, she is not more fragile than the others. If anything, she's sturdier because of Run Silent. 5 VA seems small, but it really isn't. So long as she doesn't move, she should be okay; if she gets Run Silent, then an ASW of 6 has a 50% chance of rolling 3 hits on her; 4 hits is, obviously, a bit unlikely, and 5 even more so, and I only know of one unit that actually has an ASW of 6 (correcting myself, I believe there are three), so yes, VA is lower, but with the same armor and Run Silent, this submarine is less vulnerable than other Japanese subs.

However, I-19 has another torpedo at range 2 and brings Finish Him Off… So, for just 11 points, I find a place for her in some of my builds, though she isn't a regular.

Plastic Figure Notes:

This unit is surprisingly sturdy! Most Subs have very flimsy antennaes, but this one is very sturdy and will not bend easily. It is also a very nice looking sculpt. Definetly worth a spot in the show cabinate!

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