Romanian Cavalry

Unit Card:

Romanian Cavalry-Cost 4-1941
Speed 3
Def 3/3
AI 7/5/-
AV 2/-/-
SA-Hand to Hand 9

Set - Rarity - Number

Counter Offensive - Uncommon - 45/50


During World War Two Romania fielded 8 Cavalry Divisions, half of each division was motorised and the other half mounted. Romanian Cavalry units were considered elite troops of the Romanian army along side the Mountain corp. This unit is an important unit to the Romanian army although i feel Cavalry are treated unfairly within the rules of the game. The best attribute is speed for Cavalry. Use to Capture objectives and hold them or use them to hit Disrupted enemy infantry.

Plastic Figure Notes:

There is a lot of critizism over this miniature which is not unfounded, namely the size of the horse (pony). I quite like the pose and the uniform seem correct, some flashing appears on some of the models that can easily be removed with a sharp knife.

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