Romanian Infantry

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Eastern Front - Common - 58/60


RAEVSKI- This unit represents the bulk infantry of the Romanian army during World War Two. Romanian infantry performed admirably throughout the war, hence the average stats. I personally believe the Close Assault of 6 is probably too high a 5 may have been more accurate. The Anti tank Grenadiers (see within) were an attempt to fix the lack of anti tank training supplied to the infantry. The stats of 8 dice AI at close range are really only justified on infantry of 1942 onwards as SMGs became more widely used. Overall though Wotc has treated them fairly. Use this unit as you would any infantry to capture objectives and protecting other more valuable units from enemy infantry.

Plastic Figure Notes:

The model is of Romanian units in Winter uniform. They wear trench coats and woollen tall caps. The colouring is a little off, it should be a touch greener otherwise it is fine. This is typical of the troops found in the Stalingrad campaign.

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