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Originally intended to be built as a seaplane tender, Ryujo was converted into an aircraft carrier because of the Washington Naval Treaty; any aircraft carrier with a displacement of less than 10,000 tons wasn't classified as an aircraft carrier, thereby allowing them, through the exploitation of this loophole, to increase the total tonnage of their aircraft carrier force while technically staying within the confines of the treaty. Because of the need to keep her weight below 10,000 tons and the large airgroup that she was to be equipped with (at least, large for her size and weight), her design was unlike any Japan had ever or would ever build again. The design, what with being top-heavy and having a narrow beam (ie being a narrow ship), along with the simple fact that she was a somewhat light ship, caused her to be too unstable during rough weather. She received several modifications on multiple occasions, until she was finally deemed acceptable in 1940.

She engaged in several actions during the early part of the war (notably, it was an A6M Zero of her air complement that crashed on the Aleutians, largely intact, providing the US military with a good example to test the capabilities of the aircraft) until she was sunk at the Battle of the Eastern Solomons. Struck by around four bombs and one torpedo, she capsized with about 120 of her crew still aboard.



Vergilius Powergaming Evaluation:
2-cap 13 point carrier, making it the cheapest but most fragile 2-cap carrier in the game. Ryujo comes equipped with Expert Torpedoes, but will combine well with other carriers and other SAs to round out your fleet. At 2A/7VA, you have to watch it carefully. The interesting special ability is Air Raid-4, which generates 4 VPs by deploying a bomber to the opponent’s land air base. I find fragile carriers are more difficult to build a consistent air game around, even if the cost is amazing. At 100 points, you would be able to bring extremely cheap 2-Cap cover, and air is much less of a threat. There’s even the possibility to use cheap CAP to get a Japanese airgame going at 100 points. Above 100 points, the threat of opposing US air becomes more substantial and a Ryujo build is therefore more risky. Powergaming Grade: C+

It's time to set the record straight on Ryujo. She's is an awesome carrier. 2-cap for 13 measly points, and Expert Torpedoes to top it off? That's an absolute steal, especially given how much Japanese carriers rely on their torpedo bombers. Pair the Ryujo with the Soryu, some Kates/Jills, and a Zero for air cover and you can field some nasty air power for under a hundred points. She's quite fragile, and a single Dauntless will probably vital the Ryujo, but that's pretty much a given for Japanese carriers. Overall, I rank it as the best light carrier in the game, just slightly above Junyo because I prefer using torpedoes as Japan. 8/10

Plastic Figure Notes:

Good sculpt, nice paint. A quality piece.

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