SBD-3 Dauntless

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Infamy - N/A- 27/72



The SBD-3 makes it in as the little brother of the standard Dauntless we all know and love(or hate if you're on the receiving end), and is not quite the same aircraft. Unlike the SBD, the SBD-3 is not quite the same vitalling monster. Instead, she finds her home in long distance battles. For a drop of three points in cost, each point is also one less dice for your bomb attack. It also loses Press the Attack, but gains three other SA's. These SA's are what makes it a great unit for long range battles. Skilled search givesit a better chance of actually getting to the target. Carrier killer will help it against the highest priority target of any Long-range battle: Your enemy's carriers. She also gets the added bonus off a ASW ability(albeit a small one), to harass any enemy subs if your primary anti-sub units are busy elsewhere. If you're thrown off by the seemingly poor bomb attack, only 7 dice, don't be. If you're basing this unit off a carrier like Hornet, or Enterprise, who both have EB2, you're throwing 9 dice, 10 if you're hitting a carrier. If you have a Catalina with you, You're throwing 10 to 11 dice. You can potentially hit a carrier with the same attack of a SB2C, for 4 points less. All in all, she deftly is most at home on the long-distance battlefield, but she can be used anywhere if you need a cheap bomber.
This was a unit with quite a bit of potential, that while not being squandered, was underwhelming. It bombing attack seems to be too low and it also lacks Press the Attack. A higher bombing attack or Press the Attack would have done a lot of good for this plane. It also lacks an AA attack that would have nicely represented the fighter duties that the Dauntless was so commonly pressed into. At least it has an ASW attack and Skilled Search. Unless you are doing a long range game or stapped for points, bring the regular Dauntless. C-

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