Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

War At Sea - Rare - 43/64




Unit Review

Considered one of the best units at its cost, the Scharnhorst gives the German player an excellent cruiser-killing platform that has respectable anti-air capabilities. The extended range allows it to harass light battleships and easily duel with any of the long range cruisers available. While it may not be the best choice for a lead battleship (good luck reliably damaging a 50+ point Allied battleship at long range or surviving a close fight) it is excellent against almost any other ship in the game. The Achilles' heel of this vessel is its ahistorical lack of torpedo defense. While its AA should help keep torpedo bombers away and possessing respectable secondary and tertiary will help against destroyers, fending off a concentrated torpedo attack will require other units to assist.

Operational Review

This unit operates very well against the Royal Navy and the Free French. I recommend using it to capture objectives, finish off crippled battleships, hunt cruisers and auxiliaries, and to close with exposed carriers. Do not use it without AA support if your opponent has torpedo heavy units. Escorting with any of the excellent Axis destroyers and/or fighters would be highly advisable, or with a combination escort of heavy cruiser / destroyer.


Most gamers would consider this ship obsolete with the introduction of Gneisenau which adds Torpedo Defense and Long Shot 6 for a mere 3 points extra. Still, Scharnhorst remains the cheapest option for a German battleship (Schleswig-Holstein excluded for obvious reasons).

Crissie's Critiques
This ship is much like the Bismarck in that it is made obsolete due to the addition of it's sister ship, in this case, Gneisenau into the game. Gneisenau aside, this is still a capable ship. It has solid guns and good armour for a battleship of it's cost. I would, however, prefer to save a few points and get a Moltke as it has the same guns, and dose have torpedo protection, however it's armour leaves some to be desired. CC Rating: B- (Due to Gneisenau)

Plastic Figure Notes:

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