Schleswig Holstein

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Flank Speed - Rare - 25/40


The Schleswig-Holstein was a Deutschland class battleship. The ship's primary armament consisted of four 28 cm SK L/40 guns in two twin turrets. She was also equipped with fourteen 17 cm (6.7 in) guns mounted in casemates and twenty 8.8 cm (3.5 in) guns in pivot mounts. The ship was also armed with six 45 cm (18 in) torpedo tubes, all submerged in the hull. Her first major action was the Battle of Jutland in World War 1, in which caught by poor visibility took a heavy caliber shell to the side armor before pulling back. Later, her force was attacked by British destroyers, barely evading launched torpedoes. After the battle Holstein went in for repairs and was back to escort duties.

With the Treaty of Versailes, Germany was allowed to keep eight battleships for coastal defense, the SH was one of them. When the Imperial German Navy became the Kriegsmarine in the early 30s, and with a new Deutschland class of warships on the way, the Holstein and her sister the Schlesien took second line duties.

However, this little ship would not fade into history just yet. Holstein was the first German warship to open fire at the Polish base at Westerplatte. Thus, she fired the opening salvos of the second World War.

Afterwards Holstein had a brief grounding accident, but was quickly moved off the shallows.

Later in the war the SH became a training ship, teaching young sailors the art of doing battle at sea. Finally, around 1943 she was sent to be have her anti-air increased. During her time in dock, the warship was bombed by RAF aircraft, sinking at her moorings.

After her crew scuttled her, the Soviets would later raise and expend the ship as a target at the end of the war.



The Schleswig Holstein is certainly one of the more "fun" units to use in the game. While a battleship, she fights like a cruiser and should be used accordingly. Her real strength is her special ability "Early Deployment" which allows her to bring a destroyer or cruiser with her as she is placed anywhere on your side of the map. This opens up endless strategy and combination. Bring a pocket battleship along to control the objective zone, or a destroyer to protect infiltrator subs, or a destroyer with smoke to shelter the pair until turn 3 when an objective can be captured, or use this unit and another to protect a Koln/Eugenio Di Savoia blitz. The possibilities are endless and really add a new build type to the game without unbalancing it.

Interesting unit. By turn three, other units with two movement can already be at the objective… But keep in mind that it has only one movement and play it like a cruiser.

Crissie's Critiques
Schleswig Holstein plays much more like a cruiser, similar to Georgios Averof. She has Good armour, acceptable mains for a 21 point ship in addition to a good range here secondary armament. Her main downfalls lie in, firstly, her speed, with only one movement, it is harder for her to navigate the map though the Early Deployment Ability does help with this and allows for a cruiser or destroyer to have some interesting early game opportunities. Her other great flaw is an aa rating of only 5, making her very susceptible to air attack. Her other ability shore support is well known for being useless. In summary, this unit can be good if viewed as a heavy cruiser rather than a battleship and if you don't care about speed. CC Rating: B

Plastic Figure Notes:

Not the best sculpt ever but not the worst either. The details are a bit blobby and cartoonish.

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