Scipione Africano

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

V - Uncommon - 28/39



A very cheap light cruiser, but with weak guns and substandard armor. The SA seems designed for the British MTBs that will appear in Set VI.

The Africano is some kind of bizarre offspring of a Bolzano and a destroyer. It's got good guns and AA plus Flank Speed, but it lacks ASW, effective torpedoes, and loses the "hidden" advantages of a tin can. This thing will be great for running down UK MTBs when they appear in Surface Action; until then it is a useful destroyer killer.

See Bolzano for interesting pairing opportunities, it is an odd unit to make good use out of, its real advantage being the 3 hull points for 8 cost, and its speed. Deploying this forward via Schleswig-Holstein in combination with Atlantis may be enough to sink all ASW capable craft on turn 1. The Flank speed SA will come into play from that position if any enemy ships make and extra move on set up or turn one.

Unless you need the speed and the hull point, consider taking a Z32 instead.

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