Sd.Kfz 231

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

North Africa - Uncommon - 41/60
Combat Zone - Promotional
Early War - Uncommon - 40/50

Historical Background:

The poor performances of the first, "6-rad" (six wheeled) model led to a complete redesign by Bussing-NAG, with a eight-wheeled vehicle with fully independent steering wheels and a much more powerful engine. The B├╝ssing-NAG 8x8 truck chassis was relatively complex and costly to built, each independent wheels being independently steered and suspended. In fact, when it was first produced by 1937, this was the most advanced armoured car in the world. Although some features of the former chassis and sloped bodywork were loosely kept, the biggest change was the swapping positions of the driver and engine from the front to the rear. This allowed a better visibility and control for the driver, better protection for the engine in a roomier, fully separate compartment, and more fuel was carried. The seats for the commander and gunner were attached to the hand traversed turret, which was reshaped hexagonal for added internal space but the armament was identical. There was still a reverse driver/radio operator, but the extra pair of wheels made for a far better grip and the all-independent steering wheels gave an unprecedented level of manoeuvrability on all kind of terrains. In all, the 8-rad was well received by the army reconnaissance units and began to replaced some former six-wheeled model equipped units.


Unit very similar to the Sd.Kfz 222. The main difference is that it trades speed for armor. I remember when we first played it in a German V.S. Poland scenario. It actually worked quite well because 3 frontal armor in 1939 is the best you can get.

Plastic Figure Notes:

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