Sherman IVC

Unit Card:

Sherman IVC
Vehicle - Tank

Speed: 4
Defense: 5/4
AI: 7,7,6
AV: 15,13,11

Set - Rarity - Number

Counter Offensive - Rare - 9/50

Historical Background:

The Sherman IVC in Counteroffensive has long been derided because very few of this type were ever made. The M4A3 variant was almost exclusively used by the US Army. The Army in its hubris (among other factors) decided prior to D-Day the standard 75mm was more than sufficient against the Panzer IV (the tank unit the US Army thought would be most numerous). So they rejected British offers to use the 17-pounder in their tanks. As it ended up, half of all Panzer Battalions in Normandy fielded Panther tanks. This led to the deployment of 76mm armed Shermans as soon as they were available. The US thought this would be adequate. During the Battle of the Bulge, where once again the US fought a higher than average proportion of German heavies, the US decided to finally take the British up on the 17-pounder. So the US provided a number of M4A3 tanks to be upgraded with the 17-pounder. By early Spring of 1945 about 100 or so were ready, but by then Germany's defeat was almost certain and the uS decided not to complicate things for their supply train by adding another caliber of shell. So the converted Shermans (Sherman IVC) were kept by the British and quite possibly used by them (not 100% sure on that).


Plastic Figure Notes:

Ok, so I wasn't really looking forward to this unit in CO because it pretty much was never used. However the picture I've seen of it doesn't look like a 17-pounder armed Sherman at all. It looks like a reprint of the M4A3 105mm Sherman from 1939-1945. In British parlance this would be a Sherman IVB, where the "B" denotes a Sherman armed with a 105mm. These were actually used in significant numbers by the British and would be a much more welcome addition. I haven't seen a card yet so I don't know what stats they're giving it: that of a 17-pounder armed tank or that of a 105mm armed tank. However, the possibility remains that the "C" is a typo and this is in fact a Sherman IVB. Of course the picture could also be bad and I'm just not seeing the barrel of the gun correctly.
Note: This is the same mold as the M4A3 from the 1939-1945 set.

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