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Set - Rarity - Number

Flank Speed - Common - 38/40



Shigure is a solid complementary destroyer in the Japanese arsenal, useful largely due to her Lay Smoke Screen SA***. She is expensive, but unlike Yukikaze, her SAs justify the price.

Like all Japanese destroyers she packs a devastating Long-Lance barrage. She sports weaker AA than Akitsuki, and weaker ASW and guns than Isokaze. The Lucky Escape SA has some value, although destroyers are rarely a prime target for torpedo attacks.

However, Shigure's bread and butter is setting smokescreens. These are particularly useful if you've deployed a fleet with low flag bonuses, and thus expect to lose initiative.

Smokescreens can be instrumental in protecting stationary Japanese carriers from air attack, or protecting a long lance swarm or battleship fleet as it closes in on enemy surface forces. What the smokescreen won't do for you is protect you from air attack in situations where your fleet has to be on the move. Nevertheless, it's a potent capability to add to many Japanese builds.

(***Note that the Lay Smoke Screen SA printed on the card is in error, and has been officially errated by WotC: A smoke screen takes effect from the moment it is created until the end of the next turn. A smoke screen provides concealment to all units in the sector, including Submarines and Aircraft.)

With the release of Hatsukaze, this in now a bit less likely to see use, I should think… Hatsukaze provides another option for the smoke SA, but has better guns (giving it an edge against enemy destroyers and such) and has the Sub Hunter SA. That said, this has Lucky Escape, which may have some use when/if your opponent chooses to use a destroyer's torpedo attack against this unit. I'd go with Hatsukaze, personally, but it's a matter of your preference.

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