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Set - Rarity - Number

War at Sea - Rare - 60/64


Shokaku was the lead ship of its class. Its sister ship was the Zuikaku. Both were present in the Japanese carrier force that attacked Oahu in the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

At the Battle of the Coral Sea, it was heavilly damaged by warplanes from USS Lexington and USS Yorktown. In return, its planes helped damage the Yorktown and sink the Lexington with coordinated torpedo stikes.

Taking part in many of the naval battles to come, the Shokaku finally met its end by the submarine USS Cavalla, during the beginning of the Battle of the Philippine Sea.


In a recent poll on the Forumini WaS page, asking which carrier is most preferred, Shokaku vs Zuikaku, the results showed that Shokaku, at two points lower in cost than Zuikaku was the preferred carrier of the two. In addition, Shokaku's expert dogfighter and expert bomber 2 can be very handy in a Japanese carrier build.

The second best IJN carrier behind Soryu its Expert bomber 2 is the key to its success if your running vals or Judy's this unit is a must have, but the EDF2 on soryu when going up against the american heavy air is crucial making it the best.

Even after six sets of War At Sea, Shokaku is still one of the game's best carriers. No frills here: just solid armor, Cap 3, and Expert Bomber 2 all at a low price.

Crissie's Critiques
Shokaku is a great fleet carrier, and for only 20 points you get a capacity of three, standard armour and hull points, a flag rating, and some nice abilities. Shokaku is great for boosting dive bombers, but can't do much for torpedo planes. The only cheap fleet carrier in the game that is better is the Soryu. CC Rating: A-

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