Snlf Fanatics

Unit Card:


Set - Rarity - Number

Contested Skies - Common - 41/45



The SNLF (Special Naval Landing Force) Fanatics is a unit which any Japanese player will do well to consider in building an AAM army, but which should best be used sparingly due to its high cost (one could have 2 and 1/3 Arisakas for the same price). An army composed largely of infantry is obviously in Japan's best interests in this game, as the bulk of its tank and tank destroyer options have both low anti-tank and armour values (the Type 3 Chi-Nu serving as one notable exception to the latter). The SNLF Fanatics fit well into the Japanese strategy of maneuvering to engage in close-quarter hand-to-hand combat with enemy infantry, as does the Arisaka Rifle, but unlike the Arisaka Rifle, the SNLF Fanatics has some options which will help it to survive artillery and mortar attacks until it can arrive at the front lines. The aforesaid qualities are as follows; a coveted 5/5 defence and the Hard Charger SA (it goes without saying that a 5/5 infantry which is largely immune from disruption will be an excellent unit to include in an infantry-based Japanese army). Of course, there is (as noted earlier) the problem of the SNLF Fanatics' high cost of 7 points; when fielding an infantry-based army, one must always consider both quality and quantity, and the latter is obviously adversely affected by expensive units which burn up one's valuable points on themselves (leaving none for multiple cheaper units). Despite this problem, I would personally recommend that a Japanese player sprinkle a few SNLF Fanatics across their army to supplement their more numerous Arisaka Rifles.

Plastic Figure Notes:


The plastic miniature for the SNLF Fanatic is excellent, not only in both its detail and paint job, but also in its pose; the aptly-named Fanatic is quite obviously preparing to do close-quarter fighting for the Emperor and Nippon with a katana or sword. This unit, unfortunately for Japanese players, has not been reprinted since Contested Skies.

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